Yonkers Real Estate Homes & Condos

                    Nicknamed “The Terrace City” and “City of Vision,” the city of Yonkers is home to about 200,000 residents and is the fourth largest city in New York. Yonkers is conveniently located adjacent to New York City and only two miles north of Manhattan. Yonkers has a cool climate with cold winters and warm summers. Although Yonkers is made up of numerous residential communities and enclaves, it is often seen as divided into four quarters as indicated by the Saw Mill River that flows through the city. Northeast Yonkers is home to a large Irish and Italian population and offers both small and large homes in a wide range of prices. A notable former resident of the area is Steven Tyler, who is a member of the rock band Aerosmith. Lawrence Park West and Cedar Knolls are the two most affluent areas in the district, with upscale-housing, and the area is home to many residents who commute to Manhattan due to the Metro-North commuter railroad stations being located in the area. Northwest Yonkers is made up of a wide range of neighborhood and housing styles, as well as a diverse population, and there has also been a recent revival of historic preservation in the area. Southeast Yonkers is home to a large Irish population and Italian population, with much of the district’s architecture resembling that of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Southwest Yonkers has suffered from economic, social, and political challenges in the past, but recently, the area has developed significantly to reduce crime and poverty rates. The district contains affordable housing and upscale luxury homes.

                    Yonkers also offers its residents with mass transit services including railway and bus service. Some major attractions in Yonkers include the Hudson River Museum, Sherwood House, Cross Country Shopping Center, which is the first mall in the United States, Yonkers Raceway, and the Edward J. Murray Skating Center. Yonkers has experienced much development and growth in the past decade to make it a wonderful city to live in.